Video Games & Your Kids

Hilarie Cash, PhD and Kim McDaniel, MA

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1. You say video games can be addictive. What makes them addictive?

2. Can kids really become addicted to video games?

3. What are the signs of video game addiction? How can I tell if my child has a problem?

4. Are there some children who are more susceptible than others to becoming addicted?

5. In your book Video Games & Your Kids: How Parents Stay in Control, what role should parents play in their child's video gaming?

6. Are there certain times (phases) in a child's life when parents should be more cautious?

7. Can playing video games make my child smarter?

8. Can obsessive gaming interfere with normal brain development?

9. Are there any physical health risks to excessive gaming?

10. In your opinion, are there any benefits to video games? Which games are best?

11. My child already spends too much time gaming. What can I do?

12. What do parents need to do so their children can have a healthy relationship with video games?

13. What if gaming is the only thing that makes him happy?

14. We need help. How can we find a professional who knows how to treat this problem?

15. What is the goal of therapy with addicted gamers?

16. At a therapist, how do you treat video game addicts?

17. What do you think of violence in video games and the increasing sexual content of some video games?

18. Where is your book available?

19. Are there websites I can go to for more information on this topic and your book?